The earth, third in orbit around a sun which is one among 200 billion stars in the Milky Way, itself one galaxy among two trillion.
Within this dramatically vast universe, this is the only place where the presence of life has been confirmed.

Along with the crises causes by things like population increase and climate change, the calls of biodiversity loss sound out.

99.99% of the water on this planet, called the watery planet, cannot be used to sustain our lives.
The Shoji Kawamori pavilion, which is the stage for this miracle of life, makes use of newly refined materials with seawater in its construction.

You will experience how all life is interconnected through all five of your senses, and come to see realize how we are one part within this ecosystem in the XR theater and indoor exhibition.

What we want to convey to you through experiences and entertainment that will stay in your memory, is that the fact that we are alive on the earth right now is a precious and beautiful miracle.

LIVE EARTH JOURNEY Architecture image1

A series of experiences created by diverse cells

The various large and small exhibits, each with their own architectural structures, form unified spaces called "cells."
The diverse "cells" are one form of "life," welcoming visitors with a series of diverse experiences.

LIVE EARTH JOURNEY Architecture image2

Diverse cell types

Using "cells," simple 2.4m cubic structures made of steel frames and special concrete panels, as the smallest unit, their functions multiply as they evolve and grow, taking the exhibition to the next level.

LIVE EARTH JOURNEY Architecture image3

Seawater concrete panels:
preserving valuable sea water resources

The cells, which are the spatial units of the structure and exhibition, do not use concrete made from freshwater, but rather are made up of concrete panels which use seawater. By using carbon fiber instead of steel wire as the tension bearing material, it is possible to combine it with seawater from Osaka Bay rather than freshwater, bringing about many innovations, such as longer lifespan.

LIVE EARTH JOURNEY Architecture image4

Reuse, repurpose,
the lifecycle

The long life concrete panels and steel frame structural units, brought in by sea at low cost, can broaden the chances of reuse and repurposing them after the end of the exhibition, which we are planning for and view as their lifecycle.