Experience the miracle of life through real data and actual objects in the "Real Exhibition" area.
Experience the miracle of life through stories and digital experiences in the "Immersive Experience" area.
We offer two areas where you can experience the radiance of life.


Window to the Universe

Window to the Universe

View images of time and spatial scales beyond human perception on a giant high-definition screen. Experience life intuitively through overwhelming visual experiences.

Dance of Breath

Life Cycle CellDance of Breath

The process of life forms dying and decomposing, while other life forms such as microorganisms and fungi grow, is exhibited. Experience the process of death and regeneration, often hidden in modern society.




A musical of life where music, visuals, and vibrations synchronize. Everyone powerfully experiences being a part of the interconnectedness of life.

A miracleliving nowand heretogether

Transdimensional TheaterA miracleliving nowand heretogether

Utilizing MR/VR to gain a sense of interconnectedness among all life forms. Let's celebrate the miracle of living together here and now.