From November 30, 2023, the Osaka-Kansai Expo Pavilion joint project produced by Shoji Kawamori, “Connecting with Life! The first phase of the “Myaku-myaku-ikemono Quest” has started!

(Setagaya-ku, Tokyo), led by Shoji Kawamori, Biome Corporation (Shogoro Fujiki, President, Kyoto Prefecture), Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan K.K. (Karin Dragan, President and CEO, Tokyo), TOPPAN Holdings Inc. (Tokyo, President and CEO: Hideharu Maro), and KURAZUSHI Co., Ltd. (Osaka, President: Kunihiko Tanaka) today launched a joint project for the 2025 Japan International Expo (hereinafter “Osaka-Kansai Expo”) * 500 days before the Osaka-Kansai Expo.
*Joint Project is the collective name for projects that each of the Signature Pavilions will undertake with partner companies.

Shoji Kawamori Produce Pavilion’s joint project “Connecting Life! Myaku-myaku-Ikimono Quest” is a joint project for citizens to observe biodiversity using “Biome,” an ikimono collection application provided by supplier Biome, Inc.
In the joint project, the three partner companies of the Shoji Kawamori Produce Pavilion will develop their own unique quests in “Biome” that are linked to the business activities of each company.
Anyone can participate free of charge, and through the provision of information on living creatures’ habitats, both adults and children can have fun while contributing to Nature Positive: Restoring Biodiversity.

At the press conference held earlier, Masaharu Kawamori, theme business producer, Shogoro Fujiki, Representative Director of Biome Co., Ltd., Yoshiki Fujiwara, Executive Officer and General Manager of Business Development Headquarters of Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Co., Ltd., and TOPPAN Holdings Co., Ltd. Yoshiteru Itotani, Managing Executive Officer in charge of the Expo and IR Promotion Office, and Hiroyuki Okamoto, Director of Kura Sushi Co., Ltd. and Head of Public Relations and IR Headquarters, announced this project at the Olympic Center in Yoyogi, Tokyo.

<You can view the announcement press conference on November 22nd here. >

【Speakers’ Comments】
Shoji Kawamori, Theme Project Producer
I want to create an experience in the pavilion that reminds us that life is still shining today. I want to create an experience in the pavilion that will help people remember that life shines brightly in the present. There is only life in nature. That is why this joint project is so important.”

Biome Shogoro Fujiki
I would like to approach the issue of biodiversity monitoring, which has not progressed well globally, in a Japanese way, through entertainment and digital means. I hope that when the Expo is over, the Earth will have been transformed into a society that is even a little kinder to living creatures, even a little more protective of them.”

Yoshiki Fujiwara, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan
As a company that has always valued water resources, we believe it is our important mission to conserve forests, grasslands, and other water source areas and ecosystems, and to pass on the global environment to the next generation in a sustainable manner. We will contribute to the promotion of biodiversity conservation activities through various touchpoints with our customers, such as Coke ON.”

TOPPAN Holdings Yoshiteru Itotani
We are a BtoB company, so we want to expand these activities to our business partners and the entire supply chain, and make further contributions to nature-positive activities.

Kurazushi Hiroyuki Okamoto
We cannot exist without fish. In order for our customers to enjoy delicious fish forever, we would like to expand this activity together with 20,000 staff members at about 540 restaurants, 120 million customers a year, and fishermen at 116 fishing ports and fishery cooperatives.”

Quest Introduction

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan K.K.
(Tokyo, Japan President and CEO Karin Dragan)
The theme is “Forests.
Forests have an infiltration and storage function that temporarily stores and supplies rainwater, contributing greatly to the stable supply of freshwater and water quality for our use. Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Co., Ltd. is working to conserve water resources through forest conservation activities in the watershed surrounding the plant. In this project, we will observe plants and insects living in such forests and reveal the biodiversity nurtured by the forests.

TOPPAN Holdings, Inc.
(Tokyo, Japan President and CEO: Hideharu Maro)
The theme is “Green Space.
TOPPAN Holdings, Inc. has created a water-circulation biotope in its research laboratory and has been certified as a “nature symbiosis site” by the Ministry of the Environment. The company has also received certification as a “nature symbiosis site” from the Ministry of the Environment. In this project, we will observe birds and insects that can be seen as a result of the increase in green space, and clarify the green space ecosystem.

KIRAZUSHI corporation
(Osaka, Japan, President Kunihiko Tanaka)
The theme is “Ocean.
The ocean, which accounts for 70% of the Earth’s surface area, is an important natural environment that stabilizes ecosystems and regulates the climate, and it also supports our daily lives in terms of food supply. Ltd. is working together with fishermen and consumers to conserve marine biodiversity by conserving fishery resources and promoting fish-eating culture. This project will reveal the biodiversity of the ocean and foster understanding and interest in marine resources and fish-eating.

On the official page of this project, in addition to an outline of the project and how to participate, we will also publish an introduction to the creatures found by the participants and the sustainability initiatives of our partners.

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【Event Report】“Life is Connected! Myaku-Myaku Creature Quest”Event in Awaji Island
Shoji Kawamori will give a lecture and participate in a talk session at “Suita Industrial Fair 2024” on Saturday, May 25.
Details Announced!“Life is Connected! Myaku-Myaku Creature Quest” event will be held on May 26th on Awaji Island
On EARTH DAY on Monday, April 22, let’s look at the Earth from 36,000 km away.
“Life is Connected! Myaku-Myaku Creature Quest” event will be held on May 26th on Awaji Island
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