A miracle living now and here together

We express the ephemeral, precious,powerful,loving,
beautiful brilliance of life,
and the connections between all life that dwells in the universe,the oceans,and on land.
We strive towards a paradigm shift from the human-centered to the life-centered,
and appealing to the importance of protecting and nurturing life.

Shoji Kawamori scroll

河森正治 Shoji Kawamori いのち球


河森正治 Shoji Kawamori

河森正治 Shoji Kawamori

Animation Director
Mecha Designer
Vision Creator
Thematic Producer for EXPO 2025 Osaka Kansai


Macross series(Original Creator, Director, Mechanical Designer),Aquarion series(Original Creator, Director, Mechanical Designer),The Vision of Escaflowne(Original Creator), Spring and Chaos(Director)、Earth Maiden Arjuna(Original Creator, Director)
Mechanical Design:Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, Ghost in the Shell, Armored Core, Eureka Seven,Daemon X Machina, Sony AIBO robotic dog, the ERS-220,Nissan “DUALIS”. Sony smart watch “wena wrist”



Architectural Concept

Randomly piled up structures, by creating a series of many gaps and spaces, are like a reef that nurtures diverse life, dynamically stimulate life, and create structures where the senses are opened.


A series of experiences created by diverse cells

The various large and small exhibits, each with their own architectural structures, form unified spaces called "cells."
The diverse "cells" are one form of "life," welcoming visitors with a series of diverse experiences.


Diverse cell types

Using "cells," simple 2.4m cubic structures made of steel frames and special concrete panels, as the smallest unit, their functions multiply as they evolve and grow, taking the exhibition to the next level.


Seawater concrete panels:
preserving valuable sea water resources

The cells, which are the spatial units of the structure and exhibition, do not use concrete made from freshwater, but rather are made up of concrete panels which use seawater. By using carbon fiber instead of steel wire as the tension bearing material, it is possible to combine it with seawater from Osaka Bay rather than freshwater, bringing about many innovations, such as longer lifespan.


Reuse, repurpose,
the lifecycle

The long life concrete panels and steel frame structural units, brought in by sea at low cost, can broaden the chances of reuse and repurposing them after the end of the exhibition, which we are planning for and view as their lifecycle.



Giant Screen

See images on a scale that cannot be captured by the human senses on a giant high-definition screen.
See life intuitively through a stunning visual experience.

MMX Special Exhibition

Share the experience of the MMX spacecraft's journey in search of life by viewing high-resolution images of Mars and its moon Phobos, sent today by the MMX spacecraft, on a giant screen.

Plant and Flower Decomposition

Experience the growth of other life forms, such as microorganisms and fungi, as organisms die and decompose, using real objects and time-lapse video.


Multilayer Projection Exhibition

The connections between the different lives and the fractal similarities that transcend the scale are experienced in a three-dimensional, symbolic and experiential way in an organic space with several layers of transparent screens.

XR theater

The experience of the interconnectedness of all life, including water and atmospheric cycles, the food chain and the chain of life, is expressed through MR/VR.
From human-centred to life-centred. Feel the wonder of living together here and now.

Exhibition Area

Immersive Experience Area


General management
Vector Vision Inc.
Exhibition planning and creative management
Bascule Inc. Masayoshi Boku / Kampei Baba


Architectural design
Office Shogo Onodera